NIOS Tuition

We help the students since very first when wants take admission in NIOS.We give the students pre – admission counselling before taking admission in NIOS. We make the students understand the rules and regulations of NIOS to check their admission eligibility .We guide the students to select proper subject according to their capacity, need and future prospects. Selecting study center is a vital issue for the learners. Which study center is near their residence ,which study center gives proper  PCP class and other support services.

We help learners to pay their examination fees through offline and online mode .We guide them to make draft for required amount of fees. We keep the follow-up of their application form for admission.

As per the NIOS rules the study center are supposed to give PCP classes but all study center doesn’t give thirty to thirty five classes in a year.

We give counselling and coaching to NIOS students through out the year even before confirmation of their admission through notes and previous year books so the learners can complete their syllabus before the examination.

We help learners to complete their TMA within given time and it’s submission to the study center in proper format. As We know TMA carries 20% marks that is shown in mark sheet in final result.

There are many subjects having practical components. We help learners to prepare their practical file for practical examination.

Students always free to contact us for studies related queries.

We try to solve most academic problem of NIOS learners i.e. change of subject, on demand examination registration, study material queries etc.

contact ANSARI INSTITUTE for NIOS Tuition.

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