What is NIOS syllabus for class 10th and 12th 2023-24

Are you confused about the new NIOS syllabus 2023-24?

The National Institute of Open Schooling Board announced on their website that they are dividing the curriculum. They also uploaded a PDF with the new curriculum for secondary and senior secondary courses.

The pdf file is available on the official website new and old format, so the students are getting tense day by day.

So in this post, I will explain everything to you.

About NIOS syllabus 2023-24

Whenever I meet any NIOS students to discuss the study. Do you know most of the time they say “NIOS syllabus is vast” even though their delivery system of hard copy books is very poor, and “how can I complete the entire chapter in a short time”?

I have been guiding distance education students for the past 13 years, in my teaching career and have seen so many changes from the offline to online era.

But now, management has declared a massive change in NIOS new syllabus 2023-24.

They declare 40% for tutor mark assignments (TMA) and 60% for public exams.

Benefits of new curriculum

  • No need to read the whole books
  • it reduced the exam pressure
  • Easy to receive good marks like CBSE and ICSE
  • More objective questions compared to the previous exam

NIOS syllabus for 10th class

Subject & codeNIOS new syllabus 2024NIOS Sample Question Paper
Hindi (201)Download Download
English (202)Download Download
Bengali (203)Download Download
Marathi (204)DownloadDownload
Telugu (205)DownloadDownload
Urdu (206)DownloadDownload
Gujarati (207)DownloadDownload
Kannada (208)DownloadDownload
Sanskrit (209)DownloadDownload
Punjabi (210)DownloadDownload
Mathematics (211)DownloadDownload
Science (212)DownloadDownload
Social Science (213)DownloadDownload
Economics (214)DownloadDownload
Business Studies (215)DownloadDownload
Home Science (216)DownloadDownload
Psychology (222)DownloadDownload
Indian Culture & Heritage (223)DownloadDownload
Accountancy (224)DownloadDownload
Painting (225)DownloadDownload
Assamese (228)DownloadDownload
Data Entry Operations (229)DownloadDownload
Indian Sign Language (230)DownloadDownload
Nepali (231)DownloadDownload
Malayalam (232)DownloadDownload
Odia (233)DownloadDownload
Arabic (235)DownloadDownload
Persian (236)DownloadDownload
Tamil (237)DownloadDownload
Sindhi (238)DownloadDownload
Hindustani Sangeet (242)DownloadDownload
Carnatic Sangeet (243)DownloadDownload
Folk Art (244)DownloadDownload
Veda Adhyayana (245)DownloadDownload
Sanskrit Vyakarana (246)DownloadDownload
Bharatiya Darshan (247)DownloadDownload
Sanskrit Sahitya (248)DownloadDownload
Entrepreneurship (249)DownloadDownload
Natyakala (285)DownloadDownload

NIOS syllabus for 12th class

Subject & codeNIOS new syllabus 2024NIOS Sample Question Paper
Hindi (301)Download [Old]
Download [New]
Download [Old]
Download [New]
English (302)DownloadDownload
Bengali (303)Download Download
Sanskrit (309)Download Download
Mathematics (311)Download Download
Physics (312)Download Download
Chemistry (313)Download Download
Biology (314)Download Download
History (315)Download Download
Geography (316)Download [Old]
Download [New]
Download [Old]
Download [New]
Political Science (317)Download Download
Economics (318)Download Download
Commerce (Business Studies) (319)Download [Old]
Download [New]
Download [Old]
Download [New]
Accountancy (320)Download Download
Home Science (321)Download Download
Psychology (328)Download [Old]
Download [New]
Download [OLD]
Download [New]
Computer Science (330)Download Download
Sociology (331)Download Download
Painting (332)Download [Old]
Download [New]
Download [Old]
Download [New]
Env Science (333)Download Download
Mass Communication (335)Download Download
Data Entry Operations (336)Download Download
Tourism (337)Download Download
Introduction to Law (338)Download Download
Library & Information Science (339)Download Download
Arabic (341)Download Download
Persian (342)Download Download
Malayalam (343)Download
Sindhi (344)Download Download
Veda Adhyyan (345)Download Download
Sanskrit Vyakarana (346)DownloadDownload
Bharatiya Darshan (347)DownloadDownload
Sanskrit Sahitya (348)DownloadDownload
Physical Education and Yog (373)DownloadDownload
Military Studies (374)DownloadDownload
Military History (375)DownloadDownload
Early Childhood Care Education (376)DownloadDownload

Check here the video tutorial

NIOS new syllabus 2023-24 confusion?

As a student, you must have some question which are mentioned below:

  1. Does the bifurcated syllabus apply to all students old and new?
  2. What will be the marking scheme for all the subjects of secondary and senior secondary?
  3. TMA contains 40% of marks but the TMA available on websites showing 20 marks only?
  4. NIOS class 12 syllabus Bifurcation has been done based on old books in the following subjects i.e. Hindi (301), Geography (316), Business Studies (319), Psychology (328), Painting (332). Will they change?

We are checking the official website regularly. If any new notice comes, we will inform you as soon as possible, If you have any question ask me in the comment section.

Note: If you find any kind of mistake in our post, then consider only the information given on the official website of NIOS as valid.

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