What is TOC in NIOS board? How to transfer your marks easily

What is TOC in NIOS?

TOC in NIOS stands for Transfer of Credit, a unique feature offered by the National Institute of Open Schooling.

It allows students to merge their marks from a previous board to NIOS by submitting their original fail mark sheet. This facility is only available for fail candidates.

Fact about TOC in NIOS

  • Students can transfer marks for up to two papers they passed in the previous five years, provided the subjects match the NIOS subject list.
  • Existing NIOS candidates who haven’t passed in the last 10 years can transfer marks for up to four subjects they passed.
  • Most Indian boards recognize this facility, which is available for both secondary and senior secondary courses.
  • According to the official website, over the past three years, over 400 students applied for Add TOC in NIOS, and 15,000 applied for late TOC fees.

Benefits of Transfer of Credit

  • To get a certificate, a candidate must pass a minimum of five subjects, including at least one language.
  • If a student fails in the overall aggregate but has passed in some subjects, they can transfer up to two papers.
  • This allows them to apply for examinations in a minimum of three papers from the NIOS board to qualify for certification.
  • Candidate can add new subject.

How to Apply for TOC in NIOS?

Applying the Transfer of credit is very easy. Fill out the online admission form under any stream (Stream-I, II, III, or IV).

NIOS transfer of credit
  1. Select the TOC option and provide the details:
  2. Name of the board
  3. Examination year
  4. Enrollment number
  5. Marks for the subjects (theory and practical, if applicable)
  6. After successful admission confirmation, send the original fail mark sheet and relevant documents to the board. Ensure that the mark sheet is not laminated.

Here is the correct format:                                

  1. Print your registration form
  2. Write your reference number and enrollment number on the back of the mark sheet.
  3. Attach original fail result.
  4. You can submit your document via post or by hand.

Missed Applying for Transfer of credit?

If a student misses applying for TOC during admission, they can apply to Add TOC online through the e-service menu.

Common Issues

Many students face problems with their TOC marks not being updated. Here are the reasons:

NIOS TOC marks not updated?

I have seen every year most of the students face problem after applying TOC in NIOS board their result not updated.

Do you know why this happens every time?

Check the reason below.

Original Result not sent

After applying NIOS TOC, student often failed to send original fail Mark sheet within the time limit and some time I have seen they send Xerox copy that is not acceptable, so this one is a major issue your marks are not updated.

TOC Not approved

In most of the cases TOC is not approved because you have already passed the class 12 exam.


Where to send the TOC documents

Public examOn demand exam
Send your original failed result at the regional centreSend your original failed mark sheet at the headquarter.

Rahul’s Success Story with NIOS

Rahul failed in two subjects, Chemistry and Math, in his Class 12 CBSE exams. He passed in English, Hindi, Biology, and Physics, but didn’t want to lose a year because of these failures.

So, he took the On-demand exam for the two subjects he failed and also applied for NIOS TOC for the subjects he passed.

Guess what? Rahul passed the exams for all three subjects and got TOC for the other two subjects. This smart move saved his academic year. Now Rahul is in college, continuing his studies confidently.


Every year, thousands of students struggle to get their TOC marks. By following our tutorial above, you can ensure timely results. Make sure to send the original failed mark sheet to the respective department within 10 days.

If you like our tutorial share with other friend or if you need more information, you can contact us.

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