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How to get Department wise NIOS helpline number

National Institute of Open Schooling is the largest open education board in India. Every year students are taking admission in various streams, but sometimes students face difficulty.

To deal with it, the board offers NIOS helpline numbers. By calling the toll free number, you can solve your problem without paying fees.

About NIOS helpline number

Some people can’t go to regular school so they choose distance education, and the board helps them by giving a different education. But learning can be hard sometimes, and that’s where the NIOS Helpline Number comes in.

It’s like a special phone number that helps students when they have questions or problems.

List of top 5 solutions you can get from NIOS toll free number

1. Admission support

2. Admission status not confirmed

3. Books not received

4. Result update date 

5. Marksheet status

How can I contact NIOS customer care?

To get in touch with a customer care executive, you just need to call the NIOS helpline number by dialing 18001809393. When you call, the first thing you’ll need to do is pick your preferred language by pressing 1 for English or 2 for Hindi. This helps make sure you can talk comfortably with the customer care representative.

Options to Choose From:

After selecting your language, you’ll hear a list of options. Each option is there to help with different questions. Let’s go through each one to understand what kind of help you can get:

Subject Questions

If you have questions about your subjects or need help with your studies, choose option 1. This will connect you to NIOS customer care who can assist with your specific subject-related inquiries.

Admission Help

If you’re looking for information about online admissions, dial NIOS helpline number and press 2. This option is for those who want to join the course or have questions about the admission process.

Exam Support:

For anything related to exams, like schedules or guidelines, pick option 3. It will guide you to the right place to get help with your exam concerns.

Result Queries:

If you’re curious about your results or have questions about when the result will update, press 4. This option will lead you to the information you need.

Academic Details:

For general academic information, like what are the course criteria or documents required, choose option 5. It’s there to help with your academic-related questions.

Vocational Courses:

If you want to know about vocational courses offered by the National Institute of Open Schooling, press 6. This option connects you to the department that can provide details about these courses.

Accreditation Information:

For the NIOS study centre accreditation, call the NIOS helpline number and press 7. This option will guide you through the information.

E-service Help:

If you’re having technical issues or need help with NIOS e-services, press 8. This option is there to assist with any service-related queries.

Speak to an Executive:

When you call the NIOS toll free number, you will have a variety of options. If your question is something different or want detailed information, you can press 9 to discuss with the NIOS customer care executive.

NIOS head office Noida

The NIOS head office in Noida is the main central hub for the National Institute of Open Schooling, an important educational institution in India. 

The headquarters are in Noida sector 62, to facilitate easy access for people from different parts of India. It’s not just an office building–it’s a place equipped with the latest technology to support the institute’s goal of offering excellent education through open and distance learning.

The NIOS head office is important for things like providing study materials, managing exams routing, and helping students. 


Getting NIOS customer care is easy. Just call 18001809393, choose your language, and pick the option that best matches your question. By following these steps, you’ll connect with the right people who can provide the help you need.

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