How NIOS On Demand Exam can save your year

nios on demand exam

What is the meaning of on demand exam in NIOS?

NIOS on demand exam is a unique examination offered by most open boards, such as BBOSE and other state boards.

It provides results quickly because it allows you to appear whenever you choose, with no time limits or other restrictions.

The student may apply to take the exam whenever they feel ready.

This examination was first given at the secondary level in 2005, then at the senior secondary level the following year (2007).

Can I give on demand exam in NIOS?

You can apply for online admission in the following category:

✅Students who have received compartment/fail from any recognized boards.

✅Students who have passed overall but failed in a single subject.

✅Students who have passed all subjects but want to improve their performance through the NIOS board.

✅Existing students can also apply where they left the course.

✅Students can also take part in admission with (Arts, Commerce and Science subjects)

Advantages of NIOS on Demand exam 2023

The NIOS ODES exam has various benefits.

👍It allows students to enhance their performance and build a better foundation for their careers.

👍It allows the students to take part in admission and improve their results whenever they feel ready. 

👍NIOS on demand examination allows you to enhance your knowledge and skills in all the topics covered at the secondary and senior secondary level courses.

👍To reduce the anxiety associated with the possibility of failing an examination.

👍It helps students recover some self-assurance they may have lost because of poor performance in previous exams based on their results.

👍It motivates you to move on from the hurt or discouragement you have experienced previously.

👍They permit you to reappear for the examination within the registration period as often as necessary until you get the desired result.

Disadvantages of NIOS on Demand Exam

👎No printed study material

👎Limited number of seats is available

👎Limited number of examination centre

👎TMA marks are not applicable

👎All subjects are not available 

👎late result update

👎Late marksheet delivery

👎You cannot bring a question paper

How to apply for NIOS on demand admission?

If you want to apply for on-demand admission, you may visit

  • Fill out the form that appears.
  • If you want to continue, you will be subject to further costs, which you may settle using online payment.
  • After completing all these steps, you can register by clicking the submit button.

NIOS on demand Admission is not confirmed?

I have already written about why admission status is not confirmed.

The approval of admission depends on your examination date.

Sometimes, they confirmed the admission on the same day of the exam. Did you know why this always happens, only for your mistakes?

NIOS admission not confirmed

If your NIOS Admission status is taking too long and not generating enrollment numbers, there might be some below error.

✅Please Pay Your Short Fees

✅Your application is received short by Rs. 770/- Data Entry Operations (336) additional subject. It is not in your previous board result. Please submit a short fee through online mode.

✅Please upload your 12th pass mark sheet in the proper format (full mark sheet).

✅Your admission is confirmed, but the Transfer of Credit (TOC) subject marks are withdrawn because you are already 12th passed.

✅Documents you have uploaded are not enough.

✅Documents are not visible properly.

✅Uploaded admit card instead of mark sheet, etc.

If you are the one who is facing the above problem with the NIOS on demand registration, how to apply, how to complete, etc. Just contact Ansari Institute, and we will give you the details.

How to download NIOS on demand exam hall ticket/admit card

NIOS hall ticket example

After confirming the admission, you can download your hall ticket/admit card by login into the NIOS dashboard. Without getting the confirmation email, you cannot download it.

Without a admit card and ID card, you cannot enter the examination centre.

Note: If you are choosing the practical subjects, make sure you have to attend both theory and practical exams. They will declare a practical exam date from the exam centre.

NIOS on demand exam hall ticket is not generated?

After downloading your hall ticket, check all the details like the exam date, exam centre name, etc. If your hall ticket is not generated, contact the regional centre.

Is NIOS on demand exam tough?

To succeed in the NIOS On demand exam, you need a basic understanding of the following concepts:

Exam Pattern

You will learn this information by looking at example model papers.

Previous year Papers:

You may get them from past question papers. You should compile a list of those questions on the test papers during the previous six to seven years, since they tend to be asked several times.

Books Issued By the Board:

When you register for ODES Exams, you will not get the books in printed format. Therefore, you will need access to the Internet to get textbooks.

Get the required textbooks for each course you’ve already completed so you can prepare the introductory chapters.

NIOS Guide Books

Besides the resources mentioned above, you could also find some good NIOS guidebooks to be helpful.

The following items will be available without any further effort, thanks to guidebooks:

The sample document will be made accessible. Detailed answers to questions from past examinations.

Question papers

Chapter-wise Questions and Responses of Vital Importance

How to check NIOS on demand result

First, I want to share with you some facts about the ODES marks.

Whenever they upload the NIOS ODES, the result on the official website, they upload Block wise, Block A=1-15 date and B= 16 to 31st of month so if you want to get your result fast, you need to select the date between 1-15.

NIOS On Demand exam result is available on the official website. The official management mostly declares within 45-60 days, but sometimes it takes more.

Here is a direct link to check on-demand results. You don’t need to log in while checking the marks.

Can I give only one subject exam in NIOS on demand?

Yes, you can apply for only one subject exam in NIOS on-demand registration; it offers flexibility to students who want to appear for exams in specific subjects without enrolling for the entire course or curriculum. 

What are the passing marks for NIOS on demand?

The passing marks for NIOS on-demand exams are the same as the regular examinations. To pass an on-demand exam, you must score at least 33% marks on the subject’s theory and practical components.
Note-TMA is not applicable.


We hope the material presented to you will be helpful, but if you have questions about it, you are more than welcome to speak with or message our Career Counselor.

Please spread the word if you think others may benefit from this material.


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